Carbon Bobbins

First In Textile World


The Only fully recycleable and Non Staining Carbon/ Glass Fibre Dye Tubes for Yarn Dyeing.
No more color bleeding and tube shrinking with repeat usage.. HS CODE : 8451.90.9000

Doubling/ Assembly Winding Tubes

37 x 38 x 170mm versus standard 37 x 44 x 170mm.
Allows 120 mm Pot Dia on TFO for Sewing Thread 1,2 kgs package and 1,89kg single knot with Spun Yarns,
Energy Saving upto 20% with Lower Pot Dia against next pot size.

Content Gain upto 15% with Trim Tubes on Doubling Machine. HS CODE : 8448.39.00.00

POY Tubes/ Tyre Cord Tubes

Carbon/ Glass Fibre Tubes to replace Paper Tubes for sustainable Usage.

Winding Tubes For Materials in Motion

For Steaming Cores, Autoconers, Open End machines, Paper Rolls, Film Roll, Adhesive Tape Rolls and other heavy duty or high temperature applications.

General Tubes

Mantex offers Carbon and Glass Tubes for all Other Applications. Thin walled from 0,5 mm to Thick walled 2mm tubes of any Length to replace metals and plastics for light weight , high temperature or any cylindrical application.