Equal Density  Equal Dyeing

First in World

Mantex Digital Density Disruptor ( Patented)

 Design An Integrated Dyeing Platform

Typical Precision Wound Dye Package Lot Density Profile

20% Dye Packages are within range of +/- 20 gpl
15% Dye Package are beyond the Density of +/- 10 gpl
2 to 4% are Toxic Density Packages
Dye-liquor Takes Path Of Least Resistance
Variation In Density = Dye-lot Variation


Mantex Digital Density Disruptor

Checks Density And Sorts As Per Limit

 For Sewing Thread Made on Direct TFO Soft Packages

For Top Brand Standards to Reach Delta E < 0, 5

For Soft Package Exporters



Speeds upto 6 Bobbins per Minute of any weight
Sorts Dye Packages as within pass limits, upper limit and lower limit.
Foot Print : 3000mm(L) x 900mm(W) x 1600mm(H)
Power : 3 KVA
Air : 5 bar