Mantex was set up by Mr Sam Gosling in Cheshire in early 80s and was operating out of UK till year 2002. It then invested into Indonesia for the manufacture of Dyecentres. The UK operations were halted in 2008 after the retirement of Mr Sam Gosling and the company was taken over by its current Director  Atul Guglani. 

Mantex has since redefined itself as a “Design and Technology” company ,which works exclusively for delivering Unique Products for the Textile Industry.

Mantex has three manufacturing units, spread across, Indonesia, India and China ( Contract Manufacturing ). The sales program is global via channel partners.

Some of the Disruptive Technologies and Products Patented lately are as follows

Mantex Carbon Composite Spinning Tubes developed with assistance from M/S Toho Tenax ( Mr Khoo, Director Singapore office of M/S Teijin carbon Fibre Division). And is a path breaking utility product for the spinning Industry. Pipeline for various other products is being laid out for near future deliveries.

Mantex Eco Centres ( Carbon/Glass Fibre Dyetubes ) as the replacement of plastic centres for yarn dyeing.

Mantex Density Measurement and Sorting machine for soft packages in yarn yarn dyeing. This should help the Industry to achieve a higher RFT.